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Lynne Leahy - Blog Author

Six time serial entrepreneur.
Creator the of Fearless Vision Project.

Lynne Leahy is a successful business leader, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur. She has started, operated and sold six companies including a technology company that eventually was acquired by Oracle Corp. and a regional technology company that she sold twice.

Lynne started using the spiritual shortcuts outlined in Fearless Vision Project in 1975. She is the single mother of two sons and has one grandchild. Lynne has lived in the heart of the Silicon Valley her entire life – always inspired by the visionary culture of Northern California.

As a speaker Lynne is infectious, inclusive and inspiring. "If I can do it - anyone can!"


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Lynne Leahy
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DIVINE DESTINY IS A PATH NOT A PLACE. Soul Survival invites you to take a fresh look at corporate culture and your everyday work life. Author Lynne Leahy has demonstrated the power of Soul Survival principles for 30 years. " I was as low as a human being can go: a welfare mom, broke, sick, depressed, uneducated, addicted to drugs, filled with fear, hopeless, and helpless. Now I am President/CEO of a successful company, a devoted mother, and grandmother. I love and am loved by a multitude of friends. I live most days filled with peace, joy, and a sense of divine purpose. SOUL SURVIVAL IN CORPORATE AMERICA shows that financial success and spiritual growth are harmonious. There's a special place just for you. Rigorous honesty opens the soul for spiritual guidance. Gratitude is a soothing healer that transforms corporate culture. In Soul Survival mode, the corporate world is enriched by your presence and when you lay your head down each night you'll rest peacefully knowing that you are living a life of purpose and meaning. Soul Survival in Corporate America will help you find that life - the life of your dreams.

FEARLESS VISION PROJECT Newsletter December 2, 2014

Step Three - Fearlessness

It is a choice

Step Three - Fearlessness
From the desk of Lynne Leahy, Fearless Vision Project.
FEARLESS VISION PROJECT Newsletter December 2, 2014

It is a choice.

Step 3 of the FVP Master Mind practice is "We Decide". Our decision and intent is to conquer fear once and for all. Fear and negative thinking is the cause of our problems and unhappiness.

Entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs because they have a vision of some wonderful thing they can create or bring into the world. Maybe it is a new gadget or a new store or a service - but always there is a desire to create and to give. This is the natural flow of life. It is what we are created to do.

So where do we go wrong?

One simple word - FEAR. Fear manifests itself in many ways. As a child I was taught to worry and worry is just another form of fear. There are many other forms of fear (depression, anger, spitefulness, ego) and they all lead to negative thinking and negative outcomes. When I give my daily energy to negative thoughts I will get negative results.

This is not a big secret. Do you remember that program that ran rampant like wildfire a few years ago - The Secret? Well folks, there is no secret. We are what we think we are.

James Allen (in 1902) said "You are buffeted by circumstances so long as you believe yourself to be a creature affected by outside conditions..."

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