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Lynne Leahy - Blog Author

Six time serial entrepreneur.
Creator the of Fearless Vision Project.

Lynne Leahy is a successful business leader, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur. She has started, operated and sold six companies including a technology company that eventually was acquired by Oracle Corp. and a regional technology company that she sold twice.

Lynne started using the spiritual shortcuts outlined in Fearless Vision Project in 1975. She is the single mother of two sons and has one grandchild. Lynne has lived in the heart of the Silicon Valley her entire life – always inspired by the visionary culture of Northern California.

As a speaker Lynne is infectious, inclusive and inspiring. "If I can do it - anyone can!"


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Lynne Leahy
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DIVINE DESTINY IS A PATH NOT A PLACE. Soul Survival invites you to take a fresh look at corporate culture and your everyday work life. Author Lynne Leahy has demonstrated the power of Soul Survival principles for 30 years. " I was as low as a human being can go: a welfare mom, broke, sick, depressed, uneducated, addicted to drugs, filled with fear, hopeless, and helpless. Now I am President/CEO of a successful company, a devoted mother, and grandmother. I love and am loved by a multitude of friends. I live most days filled with peace, joy, and a sense of divine purpose. SOUL SURVIVAL IN CORPORATE AMERICA shows that financial success and spiritual growth are harmonious. There's a special place just for you. Rigorous honesty opens the soul for spiritual guidance. Gratitude is a soothing healer that transforms corporate culture. In Soul Survival mode, the corporate world is enriched by your presence and when you lay your head down each night you'll rest peacefully knowing that you are living a life of purpose and meaning. Soul Survival in Corporate America will help you find that life - the life of your dreams.

Learn to be a Visionary.

Learn to be a Visionary.
From the desk of Lynne Leahy, Fearless Vision Project.
Fearless Vision Project Email Newsletter June 10, 2014

How can you focus on Fearless Vision Project and take simple action steps to become a successful visionary in your own life?

In my career I hardly had time to read all the fabulous self-help, career building books. They came out at about 200,000-300,000 a year – that’s over 500 books a day. If I took the time to read all of them and even if I was a speed reader – I wouldn’t have any time to make a living or to fulfill any of my dreams. And when it comes to the discussion of metaphysics, God and quantum physics – it takes someone much more intellectually inclined than me.

I needed some shortcuts. I had no doubt that all these motivational and spiritual principles and programs worked but I needed immediate evidence. So I began my own “test lab”.

I learned that what we focus on and emotionalize often, is what we will attract. This is good news and it is simple enough that I can understand and I can actually experiment. So can you.

As soon as I did the simple work that is outlined in the Fearless Vision Project the evidence started piling up with a bang!

The more clearly focused we are on exactly what we want, the easier and faster we’ll manifest everything we need to make it a physical reality.

When I decided to publish the Fearless Vision Project in a workbook last year I had many options but what I had proved to myself and others – the actual physical pictures in our paper vision books hook into some super-power in the brain and heart so that what we see is what actually gets created. And the act of actually creating the physical copy of the visions is more powerful and focused than any electronic version.

The Fearless Vision Project was created to “get you to the good stuff fast”.


Monthly Newsletter From The Desk of Lynne Leahy

In my experience there is only one key element for success: Always, first, last and forever, always, always – empathy with the customer - put the customer’s need first, learn to think like the customer.

A major mistake many early stage entrepreneurs make is focusing on being the cheapest or the best or the coolest. Clients don’t buy the best or the cheapest; they buy what best suits their purpose, what will fulfill their needs. As an entrepreneur my business success depends on my ability to be of service to my client. My client pays my bills and without that I don’t have a business.

The ‘cheapest’ does not always save money. How many times have you bought the cheapest only to find out it doesn’t work or it tastes bad, or it gave you a stomach ache or it requires more service or higher price ink cartridges? Or you paid for what was touted as the best or coolest and find it just doesn’t suit your needs and it is tossed in a drawer, never used. There is no follow-on market.

Empathy - Learn to sit in the customer’s chair. Try to think about ‘what it is like’ to get up every morning and be them. How can you make their life or job better? How can you help them do their job better? How can you make the client look good in the eyes of their boss or their clients? How are they going to feel when you deliver what they bought? How are they going to feel when they use your product or app?

I want my customers to be delighted! I want them to rave to the rooftops about me or my product. When I respond to that motivation I always get good business results.

I might make the very best taco ever but if my client wants burritos, my business will fail. I may do the very best “blunt” haircut you’ve ever seen but if my client wants a smooth, tapered look they will go elsewhere. And frequently when it comes to business-to-business deals, I need to serve my client in order for him or her to do their job better – for them to look better to their boss or in their organization. Empathy is the key to success.

In the early days of my career I was a manufacturer’s representative in a B2B industry that had three major equipment manufacturers. All three of these manufacturers had quality equipment and were closely priced. A middle manager in a major financial institution would make the purchasing decision. That is where empathy comes in. They had to look good on the spread-sheet, so my price had to be in the ballpark (but not necessarily the cheapest) because I had added-value. I would personally deliver extra value. I was dependable. I was honest. I personally would train all of the users, I would coordinate the delivery and installation, I was easy to get along with – most importantly I would do as Napoleon Hill suggested in his Think and Grow Rich book – “I was in the habit of doing more than I was paid for”.

When I left that big manufacturer to start my own business – 90% of my clients came with me. That was the beginning of my first big successful business venture. That was also when it became clear to me that I would always be an entrepreneur. I had the gratification of serving my clients (empathy) as my primary objective and the satisfaction of competing and winning.

It’s a good time to gather a support team that will keep your courage high and help you through tough times.

Every business owner/entrepreneur will hit bumps in the road. How you react to those inevitable “bumps” will determine whether you are successful or go back to the old “being an employee fulfilling someone else’s dream”.

When your partner walks in your office and says “We can’t make payroll this week” or the bank calls and says “We want that money back that we loaned you” or your partners walk off with all of your trade secrets. These things and more will happen. How will you get through? Take deep breaths. How can you prepare? Be sure you have a Fearless Vision Project group.

How to be a visionary in your own life. From the desk of Lynne Leahy, Fearless Vision Project.

How to be a Visionary in Your Own Life.
From the desk of Lynne Leahy
Monthly Newsletter

Visionary is a term often used when describing a person who has set a goal in life and then lived out the fulfillment of that goal.

It is as simple as day-dreaming or meditating. As a child or young adult I would day-dream a lot when I was feeling powerless. It could take me out of seemingly hopeless situations.

So why do we feel like we are still victims and powerless to steer our lives? It’s kind of natural when you are raised in fear and disharmony. As a small child we are victims of a bigger world and powerless to create the love and safety we want – feeling afraid, we develop defense systems. I certainly did and not all of them are bad. I learned survival skills early on in my life and those skills have served me well but what I didn’t know - many of the fears I carried into adult life were not real. This is part of the process of growing up – to separate and identify the useful day-dreams and the not-so-useful fears.

In the recent PBS documentary about Steve Jobs they successfully created the image of Steve as a day-dreamer. (Maybe on drugs, but a day-dreamer none the less) He was obsessed with visions of easy-to-use and beautifully designed writing and fonts for the printed word and later putting that beauty into the hands of every person. I don’t think he had much of a meditating technique but he had day-dreams – visions of what could be.

When I was a young person I had visions of dressing up in a business suit and going to work in the corporate world.

Thomas Edison had visions of light burning inside of a glass bulb.

The Wright Brothers had visions of flying like birds.

Larry Page, founder of Google had a dream about a new way write computer code.

Sara Blakely had a vision of better underwear for women.

Imagine how absurd this all seems to the practical world. Better to keep your nose to the grindstone and pay your bills. That was the philosophy of the house I grew up in.

Today meditating is the new trend. Mindfulness is the center of all hip and trendy conversation. Google has an internal program called gPause encouraging employees to meditate during the work day. SalesForce puts on an annual conference called DreamForce. Jeff Bezos locks himself away to vision and meditate on Amazon’s future business model. And, of course, Steve Jobs day-dreamed himself into creating the biggest company in the world.

So honor your day-dreams, teach your children to day-dream, and although I’m not a great meditator – I practice daily – gratitude and day-dreaming.

Lynne Leahy
Fearless Vision Project
Spiritual Shortcuts to Success - Turning Wantrapreneurs into Entrepreneurs

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