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Lynne Leahy - Blog Author

Six time serial entrepreneur.
Creator the of Fearless Vision Project.

Lynne Leahy is a successful business leader, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur. She has started, operated and sold six companies including a technology company that eventually was acquired by Oracle Corp. and a regional technology company that she sold twice.

Lynne started using the spiritual shortcuts outlined in Fearless Vision Project in 1975. She is the single mother of two sons and has one grandchild. Lynne has lived in the heart of the Silicon Valley her entire life – always inspired by the visionary culture of Northern California.

As a speaker Lynne is infectious, inclusive and inspiring. "If I can do it - anyone can!"


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Lynne Leahy
Soul Survival

DIVINE DESTINY IS A PATH NOT A PLACE. Soul Survival invites you to take a fresh look at corporate culture and your everyday work life. Author Lynne Leahy has demonstrated the power of Soul Survival principles for 30 years. " I was as low as a human being can go: a welfare mom, broke, sick, depressed, uneducated, addicted to drugs, filled with fear, hopeless, and helpless. Now I am President/CEO of a successful company, a devoted mother, and grandmother. I love and am loved by a multitude of friends. I live most days filled with peace, joy, and a sense of divine purpose. SOUL SURVIVAL IN CORPORATE AMERICA shows that financial success and spiritual growth are harmonious. There's a special place just for you. Rigorous honesty opens the soul for spiritual guidance. Gratitude is a soothing healer that transforms corporate culture. In Soul Survival mode, the corporate world is enriched by your presence and when you lay your head down each night you'll rest peacefully knowing that you are living a life of purpose and meaning. Soul Survival in Corporate America will help you find that life - the life of your dreams.


Leahy, Lynne
BalboaPress (54 pp.)
$20.95 paperback, $3.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1452582672; December 18, 2013

In this short workbook, an entrepreneur promotes visualizing success.

In a compact, nicely packaged format, Leahy lays out a simple notion: making a “vision book” with which, she writes,​ ​“you create the future that you want to see in your life with love and intention.” Her project is well-timed for a society​ ​that increasingly relies on photos and videos to process information. The concept involves creating a book of pictures​ ​that represent aspirations. As a guide, Leahy offers full-color sample pages of her own vision book from 2006, noting in​ ​captions how the photos she collected helped her live her dreams. The second part of the project uses the vision book as​ ​a springboard for forming a “project group” with a few other people (no more than four or five). This group, which​ ​would ideally meet weekly to share each member’s visions, is a novel way of obtaining self-validation for one’s goals in​ ​a public setting. Leahy says that the vision book and the project group are “spiritual shortcuts” to transforming one’s life.​ ​The underlying principle of Leahy’s process isn’t original; in fact, she acknowledges that her thinking was influenced by​ ​other motivational books that visualize success, among them Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich (2005) and Wayne​ ​Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting (2012). What is uniquely engaging, though, is Leahy’s​ ​workbook approach of assembling photographs to visualize the future and then relying on a peer group for endorsement.​ ​Leahy ably explains the benefits of her process in the succinct chapters that precede her sample vision book pages and​ ​offers blank pages for the reader’s own vision book, as well as pages to make notes for discussion at a project group. It’s​ ​a good start, but as with any motivational system, it’s up to the individual to follow through.

Intriguingly simple and ripe with encouragement.


How you can become a visionary in your own life: Interviews with Fearless Vision Project group members.

You know that little urge you have inside of yourself – that urge to write a book, paint a painting, start a business. Did you ever think that urge you feel might be God, the source for your Divine Guidance?

It is not a mistake. It is the real thing. That belief has served me throughout my career, the willingness to believe that the internal urge is Divine Guidance. It is the exact thing I was created to do in this life. And it can be trusted.

My evidence, that it is my mind practicing new mindful, thought patterns, is 40 years of fabulous results, six successful start-ups, and it has all unfolded by following that nudge in my heart.

Many will say “Oh yes” that is what I really want to do but I have to go to work – to make money, to pay the rent, to buy food, make the car payments, etc. Yes, of course, we all have to do that but what if there is a spiritual economy where an inner self knows you have need for all these material things? Would that Inner Power give you a “heart-felt desire” and not the means by which to fulfill that desire? I don’t think so.

I have two primary ways of identifying “divine guidance” in myself - laughter and breathing.

Laughter feels to me like a communication from a spiritual source. It unlocks all my fears and releases little enzymes that relax all of my senses. It must be divine.

And then when bad, terrible things happen I can breathe – deep cleansing breaths. As I breathe I surrender.

In my work, career or business, I measure by compassion, kindness and goodness contributed to the world.

When thinking “entrepreneurship” does your mind automatically go to angel investor, seed money, venture capital, killer apps, crowd funding, etc? What about the rest of us? Hairdressers, manicurists, small business owners, doctors, dentists, franchise owners, bakeries, flower shops, gardeners, consultants, artists, writers, shop owners, real estate brokers, house cleaners, yoga therapists, contractors, etc.

According to a recent article in Fordes – self-employment has increased 14% since 2001 to 10.6 million people and additionally according to SBA there are 23 million small businesses in US. Small businesses are credited with 55% of all jobs and 66% of all new jobs since the 1970s.

So boot-strap, shoestring businesses are alive and well.

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