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Miracle Reports

Reports from Fearless Vision Project Members:

From the first day I arrived at our Fearless Vision Project meeting....I felt as if I had possibility. My idea to start my own business took wings. I had my first paying job with my own company last month and see a successful company forming slowly but surely - Mostly through the positive thoughts of my group and our Fearless Vision Project book!

The Fearless Vision Project has had a huge influence on my life and business. It has strengthened my ability to visualize in detail my future goals and success. The regimen of meeting regularly to share my vision book stopped me from procrastinating to really begin working towards creating the dream life I always wanted.

I have been staying the course and good things are happening for me! So, I ordered my business cards. They haven't arrived yet but I recently picked up 2 more jobs! Yay! As far as romance, well, the butcher at United flirted with me! Hey, don't laugh! No one EVER flirts with me so that's progress! Ha! I went shopping for a bike and found a really nice used Beach Cruiser! Things are moving and I am envisioning more! I look at my vision book every morning and include it in my prayer and meditation time.

The few weeks that I have attended the Fearless Vision Project, all my fear is fading and I am seeing ALL the possibilities of doing all the things I have always desired to do. I am glad to be in the “Fearless Vision Project".

The Fearless Vision Project group has helped me focus and gain clarity about myself and my career. Being accountable to the great group of women visioning with me is so useful. I learn from them all the time and really care about their dreams and success. The Fearless Vision Project is a gift.

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